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Abatech Ultra Pour On (5L)

Hunter River Co

Ultra Pour-On Round Worm, Liver Fluke & External Parasites.


Roundworm, Liver Fluke And External Parasiticide For Cattle. Abatech Ultra Pour-On contains triclabendazole one the most effective flukicides which kills all three stages of liver fluke including adult (12 weeks old), immature (6 week old) and early immature (4 week old). Treating with Abatech Ultra pour-on can have the benefit of treating an existing liver fluke population in the cattle herd, as well as preventing future pasture contamination from fluke eggs which ultimately prevents production loss caused by liver fluke disease (fasciolosis). Abatech Ultra Pour-on also contains abamectin for a complete kill of other internal and external parasites such as sucking and biting lice which are susceptible to abamectin making Abatech Ultra Pour-on a broad spectrum endectocide and flukicide for cattle. Active Constituent: 300 MG/ML TRICLABENDAZOLE 5 MG/ML ABAMECTIN