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AMBOS / Riverina – Mare & Foal Pellets (20kg) $22.95/Ea OR Buy 2+ $21.95/bag

AMBOS & Riverina


Bulk-Buy: 2 or more @ $21.95/each 

AMBOS – Mare & Foal Pellets


Ambos Mare & Foal Pellets is a high protein pellet ration to balance pasture and forages for horses that have a high demand for protein such as preganancy, lactation and growth. This ration is suited for broodmares in later pregnancy and lactation, weanling foals and growing yearlings. It contains added vitamins, trace elements and enhanced levels of minerals to deliver the nutritional requirements for reproduction and rapid growth.

  • Protein: 18%
  • Pellet Size: 5mm
  • Bag Size: 20kg
  • Australian Made
  • Built On Service

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AMBOS / Riverina – Mare & Foal Pellets (20kg) $22.95/Ea OR Buy 2+ $21.95/bag website