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AMBOS / Riverina – 14% Beef Cattle Nuts (20kg) – Buy 2+ $19.95/bag

AMBOS & Riverina


AMBOS / Riverina – 14% Beef Cattle Nuts (20kg)

BULK BUY –  BUY 2 + @ $19.95/Bag


Ambos 14% Beef Cattle Nuts – Grain-based, large 8mm pellets (nuts) for the energy, protein and mineral supplementation of adult beef cattle, especially during pregnancy and lactation for breeding cows.

Features & Benefits

  • These pellets include a specific cattle mineral and vitamin premix and contain Acid Buf to aid in the prevention of rumen acidosis (grain poisoning).
  • Being a large pellet size, they are ideal for trail feeding with minimal waste.

Typical Composition

Cereal grains and co-products, Oilseed Protein Meals, Lime, Magnesium Oxide, Dicalcium Phosphate, Salt, Buffers (Acid Buf, Bentonite), Trace minerals and vitamins.

Feeding Guide

  • As a low-fibre / high grain supplement, the pellets are designed for feeding at up to 1% of bodyweight per day, in conjunction with fibre forage and roughage.
  • They can be trailed out sparsely in long runs or fed from self-feeders with slides set right down to control intake.
  • When commencing to feed pellets, an introductory adaptation period over 2 weeks is recommended to condition the rumen to the pellet ingredients.
  • Do not overfeed these pellets.
  • Controlled and gradual feeding is important and continuous access to fibre sources is critical for proper rumen function.
  • Give special attention to controlling the introduction of pellets to excessively hungry or drought affected stock.
  • During the introduction, start to offer pellets at 0.2% of bodyweight per day and slowly increase the daily amount over 10-14 days up to around 1% of bodyweight per day, with fibre forage always available to make up the balance of the total diet intake.
  • Ensure that clean fresh water is available at all times.

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AMBOS / Riverina – 14% Beef Cattle Nuts (20kg) – Buy 2+ $19.95/bag website