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AMBOS / Riverina – 14% Ewe & Lamb Sheep Nuts (20kg) – Buy 2+ $21.95/bag

AMBOS & Riverina


AMBOS / Riverina – 14% Sheep Ewe & Lamb Pellets (20kg)


AMBOS 14% Ewe & Lamb Sheep Nuts are Grain-based, large 8mm pellets for the energy, protein and mineral supplementation of adult sheep (and goats), especially during pregnancy and lactation for breeding ewes.

Features & Benefits

These pellets include a specific sheep mineral and vitamin premix and contain Acid Buf to aid in the prevention of rumen acidosis (grain poisoning). Being a large pellet size they are ideal for trail feeding, with minimal waste.

Typical Composition

Cereal grains and co-products, Oilseed Protein meals, Limestone, Magnesium Oxide, Salt, Buffer (Acid Buf), Trace minerals and vitamins.

Directions for use

  • These grain-based, low fibre Sheep pellets are designed to supplement the diet of pregnant and lactating sheep, as a convenient alternative to grain.
  • Do not overfeed these pellets.
  • They must be fed in conjunction with fibre roughages, such as cereal hay or straw, which should always make up at least 20% of the diet.
  • A 60kg ewe needs 600g/day of pellets for maintenance.
  • In the last month of pregnancy feed 1kg/day, in the 1st month of lactation increase to 1.5kg/day, in months 2 and 3 of lactation decrease back to 1kg/day.
  • To avoid problems with acidosis (grain poisoning), controlled and gradual introduction of the pellets is important, and continual access by the animals to a fibre source is critical for proper rumen function.
  • Animals require an introduction period to adapt and condition their gut to the grain-based pellets.
  • Give special attention to controlling the introduction of pellets to excessively hungry or drought-affected stock.
  • As an introduction, feed small controlled amounts (about 0.2% of bodyweight per animal per day to begin with) and slowly increase the daily amount over 10 days up to the normal feed rate for mature sheep, with fibre always available to make up the balance of the total diet intake.
  • Ensure that clean fresh water is available always.

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AMBOS / Riverina – 14% Ewe & Lamb Sheep Nuts (20kg) – Buy 2+ $21.95/bag website