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AMBOS / Riverina – Sheep & Cattle Nuts (20kg) $21.95/Ea OR Buy 2+ $19.95/bag

AMBOS & Riverina


Bulk-Buy: 2 or more @ $19.95/each 

AMBOS – Sheep & Cattle Nuts


Grain-based, large pellet nuts (8mm) with digestible fibre, incorporating protein, energy and fibre for convenient and economic supplement feeding of adult sheep and cattle in situations when fodder intake is limited  and supplemental protein, energy and minerals are required. These pellets are particularly useful in situations of “grain-assist” feeding during periods of higher nutritional demand from Ewes and Cows, such as pregnancy and lactation.

  • Protein: 14%
  • Energy: 11Mj/kg
  • Pellet Size: 8mm
  • Bag Size: 20kg
  • Australian Made
  • Built On Service

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AMBOS / Riverina – Sheep & Cattle Nuts (20kg) $21.95/Ea OR Buy 2+ $19.95/bag website