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Barastoc – Breed ‘N’ Grow (20kg)



Nutritionally Balanced, High Protein, Low Starch Formula.


What will Barastoc Breed ‘N’ Grow do for my horse?

Barastoc Breed N Grow is the ‘cornerstone’ feed for horse breeders. A highly palatable pellet formula, it is ideal for paddock feeding and has the advantage of no powders or waste. It contains high quality protein from soyabean meal plus added amino acids to support growth rates in young horses. There are also enhanced levels of macro and trace minerals to support bone growth and development and added silicon for improved bone density.

What will Barastoc Breed ‘N’ Grow provide for my horse?

  • Low starch formula to support a low GI diet and assist in reducing growth and development disorders.
  • Fortified vitamin and mineral feed with added bio-available silicon to promote bone development and density, and assist in maintaining skeletal integrity.
  • Pelleted for nutritional constancy, ensuring your horse receives the right balance of nutrients in every mouthful.

For more information and specifications about this product, please visit the product website:

Barastoc – Breed ‘N’ Grow (20kg) website