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Thunderbird – BD22 – 2km – 4 x D Cells Batteries

Thunderbird Ag


The Thunderbird BD22 is a versatile and reliable fence energiser powering up to 2km of electric fencing that operates from 4 x D Cells batteries.

*Please call in store to enquire and stock availability*


*New Product Coming Soon (Replacing BD20)*

The new Thunderbird BD22 (previous model BD20) Battery Energiser powers up to 2km of electric fencing.

Features includes:

  • Operates from 4 x D cell batteries.
  • Designed for short runs of electric fencing
  • Portable and low battery use are the big features of this energiser
  • Designed to hang on the live fence wire. All wiring comes as standard
  • OK Pulse and ow battery lights.
  • Electronics are heavily coated to minimise failure due to moisture and water damage.
  • This range is reliable and versatile – designed to operate in the harshest conditions
  • Simply hangs on hot wire or tape, or can be screwed to a post
  • Microchip controlled for reliability and high performance
  • 2 years Warranty

For more information and specifications about this product, please visit the product website:

Thunderbird – BD22 – 2km – 4 x D Cells Batteries website