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Boral – Blue Circle® Builders Cement (Grey) (20kg)



Blue Circle® Builders Cement is a versatile alternative to Blue Circle® General Purpose (GP) Cement and can replace it. Some adjustments to the mix design may be necessary depending on the application.

  • It is specifically produced for use in areas such as brickwork and blockwork masonry, construction mortars, solid cement rendering, bedding and pointing of roof tiles etc. Strength at an early age may be slightly lower than GP cements but with appropriate curing, there are advantages in higher later age strengths

A general purpose blended cement conforming to AS 3972 type GB.


  • All general concrete
  • Mortar and grouting applications
  • Ideal for rendering

Typical applications:

  • Brickwork and blockwork masonry
  • Construction mortars
  • Solid cement rendering
  • Bedding and pointing of roof tiles etc.

For more information and specifications about this product, please visit the product website:

Boral – Blue Circle® Builders Cement (Grey) (20kg) website