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Barastoc – Calm Performer (20kg)



Nutritionally Balanced, High Fibre, Low Starch Formula, low fizz formula


As a cool high fibre horse feed, Barastoc Calm Performer will provide your horse with the right amount of energy and nutrients for low to moderate activity levels. This carefully formulated calming feed for horses ensures your horse maintains peak form and encourages a placid temperament.

What will Barastoc Calm Performer do for my horse?

  • A low GI diet for your horse with added Barastoc Superfibres™ to promote gut health.
  • Includes magnesium to help keep your horse calm and for calm healthy horses and to maintain muscle integrity.
  • Increased vitamin and mineral levels, essential for the right balance of nutrients.
  • Reduced feeding rate to ensure that your horse gets the right balance of nutrients in every mouthful.

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