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Christie Post Driver 52mm

Christie Engineering


Christie Post Driver 52mm


This post driver has been developed by Christie Engineering and manufactured for the harsh Australian environment. It is extremely lightweight and portable while being powerful enough to drive a star or Y steel picket post into the hardest ground in a matter of seconds. The design enables the operator to move along a fence line with ease much faster than traditional air and hydraulic driven units. All internal components are manufactured from the highest quality precision machined materials to give the longest tool life possible. The harsh hammering action is isolated from the operator via spring cushioned handles allowing many hours of fatigue free operation even by commercial operators. The power plant is the ultra-reliable Honda GX35 1.0kW motor boasting 3 year Australia wide warranty. The post driver now also carries a 3 year major parts failure warranty from Christie Engineering (Excludes normal wear).

There are two versions of this machine, standard CHPD52 and Maxi CHPD78. The maxi will take up to 76mm posts, an adaptor can be inserted to reduce internal diameter to standard size. See brochure for details. Potential buyers be aware that there are other cheaper versions on the market that look very similar to our unit. Christie Engineering and our post drivers are in no way affiliated with Rhino in the USA, or Horsley Wholesale in Australia. If it’s not stamped “Christie”, it’s not one of ours. We are Engineers and innovators, manufacturers of reliable, quality equipment that we design, we do not make copies.



Lightweight design, powerful hammer action with ergonomic design and isolated handles. CNC machined body from Cast high strength heat treated aluminium for a long service life with stainless steel screws that will never rust. High quality sealed bearings are used in all internal rotating components. Genuine Honda GX35 4-stroke Motor with 3 years warranty, precision tool to revolutionise fencing. Australian made by Christie Engineering Pty. Ltd. Registered design: 201111227


Mechanised fence post driver used for driving in Star and Y configuration posts, ground rods and guide posts. Something that every farmer or fencing contractor needs.

Ideal for temporary fencing in remote areas.


All Christie Engineering Post Drivers have a 3 year warranty on the motor and the Post Driver. Please contact Christie Engineering for servicing and parts.