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Di-Vetelact – Low Lactose Milk Supplement (5kg)



Di-Vetelact® OriginalDV is a delicious, milk replacer for infant animals and a premium protein nutritional supplement, fortified with vitamins and minerals to ensure the best health for animals.

  • Australian Made
  • Closely Matches The Composition Of Mother’s Milk
  • Nutrient Rich For Orphaned, Rejected And Early Weaned Animals
  • Supports Both Mother And Babies Through Pregnancy, Gestation And Lactation
  • Wholesome For Animals Convalescing Or Recovering From Surgery
  • Nurturing In Times Of Stress
  • Restorative For Mature And Elderly Animals
  • Revitalising For Show And Performance Animals


As a milk replacer Di-Vetelact® OriginalDV fulfils the vital nutritional requirements of newborn animals that have been rejected, orphaned or early weaned. It can also be fed to a litter In addition to mothers milk if supply is lacking.

As a nutritional supplement Di-Vetelact® OriginalDV supplies beneficial nutrients to sustain the ongoing nutritional needs of your pet for ongoing growth and development.

Di-Vetelact® OriginalDV supplies calming, stabilising and nurturing nutrients beneficial for entering a new environment, travel, and training. It supports good health, and thus the development of a good temperament in your pet.

Recommended for show animals as a nutritional supplement, Di-Vetelact® OriginalDV supplies sulphur containing amino acids, cysteine and methionine, producing a glossy and luscious coat. It contains tryptophan and tyrosine to assist in calming and focus whilst performing.

For older animals, this supplement can be used either in powder or liquid form. It supports ageing animals with its protective antioxidants and amino acid protein building blocks . These ensure continued muscle development, repair and maintenance. Its’ anti-inflammatory properties also provide a continued supply of vital nutrients to promote health and wellbeing.

Packed with nutrients to maintain your pet’s overall health and help them recover from illness. Contains all the essential amino acids necessary for tissue repair and healing when animals have been through an operation or illness. It provides beneficial vitamins and minerals for recuperation.