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Dogpro – Adult Dog (20kg)




  • Complete & Balanced Nutrition with Essential Vitamins and Minerals
  • 20% PROTEIN – Repairs tissue & builds muscles
  • 9% FAT – Energy & Stamina
  • Grain Free
  • 100% Australian made & owned

Dogpro Original Adult Dog is a nutritionally complete dry dog food specially formulated to promote the health and wellbeing of all domestic adult dogs.

This product uses only the best ingredients which are combined in a way to provide efficient digestion and absorption required for stamina and energy for all dogs.

Maintaining your Dogs Health & Wellbeing


With its special combination of vitamins, minerals, meat and vegetable proteins helps to promote a healthy canine metabolism.

Contains all the body building proteins, amino acids and minerals essential for maintaining your dogs good health and wellbeing.

Contains Omega 6 which help maintain a healthy skin & lustrous shiny coat associated with a healthy adult dog.

Strong Teeth & BonesStrong Teeth & Bones

Muscle DevelopmentsMuscle Developments

Maintain Skin & CoatMaintain Skin & Coat

Vitality, Wellbeing & ImmunityVitality, Wellbeing & Immunity

Body Function & Optimal EnergyBody Function & Optimal Energy

Oral CareOral Care

Formulated for active working dogs & dogs with high activity levelsFormulated for active working dogs & dogs with high activity levels