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Elanco – Extinosad™ Pour On (5L)


With Extinosad™ Pour-On you can be DEAD SURE when it comes to lice control.


Extinosad™ Pour-On is registered for the control of spinosad-susceptible lice (Bovicola ovis) in sheep up to 7 days off-shears and sheep with long wool. It has the following key benefits:

  • Powerful knockdown chemistry that starts killing lice within hours of contact1
  • Unique mode of action2 that kills lice like no other, making it ideal for rotation programs
  • No known field resistance, kills SP resistant strains of lice1
  • Maximum marketing flexibility with a zero (0) days withholding period for wool and an ESI of only 21 days when applied off-shears or to unshorn lambs
  • Maximum management flexibility being able to be applied to sheep off-shears, with long wool or suckling lambs (unshorn)
  • Water based, odourless formulation with a favourable safety profile that poses low risk to livestock, shearers, farm workers and the environment when used according to label instructions

Effective lice control protects the productivity of Australian sheep and wool growers.

By effectively controlling lice, Extinosad™ Pour-On can reduce the impact of lice which includes:

  • Skin irritation, biting and rubbing
  • Fleece derangement, cotted wool and broken wool fibres
  • Distinctive smell and yellowish wool
  • Skin thickening and pelt damage (e.g. cockle)
  • Unable to sell sheep if lousy at sale yards in certain states
  • Reduced fleece value of $4.50 – $20 (based on reduction of clean fleece yield at current prices). Further discounts may be incurred due to cotted fleeces and discolouration.3

Important Safety Information

Prior to use, please consult the product label for complete instructions.

When using the product wear elbow-length PVC gloves and goggles.

May irritate the skin. Will damage eyes. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If product in eyes, wash it out immediately with water. Wash hands after use. After each day’s use wash gloves.

Sheep Rehandling Interval: After treatment wait until sheep are dry before rehandling.

Withholding Periods

MILK: DO NOT USE on ewes that are producing or may in the future produce milk that may be used or processed for human consumption.
WOOL: Zero (0) days
MEAT:  Off-Shears: DO NOT USE less than 14 days before slaughter for human consumption.
Suckling lambs (unshorn): DO NOT USE less than 14 days before slaughter for human consumption.
Long wool: Zero (0) days