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Avigrain – Finch Blue (20kg)



Equal Parts White French Millet, Canaryseed, Jap Millet, Panicum and/ or Red Panicum


No black oilseeds, more canary seed, more red panicum and we use panicum not panoram

Top finch breeders prefer panicum to panorama. These seeds have the same botanical name – setaria italica – are are very closely related but breeders feel panorama is coarser, less palatable and harder to crack for smaller species than panicum. Avigrain guarantees the use of panicum in Finch Blue.

Many Finch Mixes have anola or rape seed, linseed, hulled oats and sometimes niger in the blend. Finch Blue contains no oilseeds and tonics allowing breeders add their own tonics separately.

Finch Blue also contains more canary seed and red panicum than commercial mixes and with White French and Japanese orShirohie Millet provides an optimal base blend for finch fanciers.

Avigrain Finch Blue provides the optimal base seed mix for all Finch types including Gouldians, Tropical Finches, Zebra, Diamnd, Cut Throats, Red Brows, Siskins, Cordon Bleus, Nunns, Orange Breasted, Java, Long Tailed Finch, Star Finches, Gold Finches, Green Finches, African Fires, Double Barred, Plum Headed, All Mannikin varieties, Masked Finch, Crimson, All Firetail varieties, Blue Faced Parrot Finches, Blue Caps and Black Throated.


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