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Avigrain – Finch Mix (20kg)



Panorama, White French Millet, Canaryseed, Jap Millet, Panicum, Shirohie Millet, Red Panicum and/ or Canola


Our standard Finch mix for all varieties.

Millets are annual grasses and are some of the oldest of cultivated crops. They are rich in carbohydrates and low in fibre and form the basis of Avigrain Finch Mix.

Canaryseed is a winter grass and is grown anywhere wheat can be grown. Canaryseed is a vital ingredient in birdseed mixes as it is highly palatable and nutritionally different from millet being higher in fibre and lower in carbohydrates. Avigrain maintains a consistent level of canaryseed in all blends, no matter what the cost.

Canola is an oilseed grass which is very high in fat and protein.

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