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Flygon Gold – Insect Repellent (500ml)


Repels flies and other biting insects


Repels flies and other biting insects on:

– Horses
– Dogs
– Cattle
– Pigs

Repels flies and other biting insects on horses, dogs, cattle and pigs and controls fleas and lice on dogs and cats.

Vetsense Flygon GOLD Insecticidal and Repellant Spray for Horses

Vetsense Flygon GOLD is an insecticidal and repellent spray for horses. This powerful formulation controls and repels susceptible flies, mosquitoes, and other nuisance insects, including house fly (Musca domestica), stable fly (Stomoxys calcitrans), bush fly (Musca velustissima), bot fly (Gasterophilus spp.), mosquitoes (Aedes spp.), and midges or sandflies (Culicoides spp.) in horses. It also helps in the prevention of Queensland itch.

Made with permethrin and citronella oil, the Vetsense Flygon GOLD spray for horses knocks down insects before they irritate your equine friend. Its non-irritant formulation helps get rid of insects while being gentle on your horse’s skin. Moreover, the spray is long-lasting enough, which ensures more effectiveness with fewer applications. Vetsense Flygon GOLD Insecticidal and Repellant Spray can also be applied to stables, floats, and rugs for zone control.


  • Do not use on horses that may be used for human consumption.
  • Brush your horse’s coat before applying to remove dirt or dust.
  • Apply to the hair coat using the spray nozzle or a cloth dampened with Vetsense Flygon GOLD Insecticidal and Repellent Spray.
  • Do not wet skin or apply to point of dripping or exceed 60ml per application.
  • Only light application is required.
  • Apply by rubbing against the hair growth.
  • Give special attention to the legs, shoulders, neck, and facial area where flies are most often seen.
  • Use every other day for the best results.
  • Reapply each time the horse is washed or exposed to heavy rain.
  • For animal housing, spray the inner walls thoroughly and any other place where flies and insects settle.
Brand Vetsense
Ingredients Active Constituents

  • 10.0 g/L piperonyl butoxide
  • 5.0 g/L permethrin 25:75(cis:trans)
  • 1.0 g/L pyrethrin
  • Also contains natural Citronella Oil.
Product type Topical spray

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