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Granular Urea (25kg)

Incitec Pivot Fertilisers (IPF)


This is the most commonly used urea fertiliser, and is the preferred product where urea is applied dry to the soil.


Urea, at 46% nitrogen (N), is the most concentrated solid nitrogen fertiliser. This means there is less to freight and handle. It is also one of the most economical nitrogen fertilisers. These factors have seen urea become the world’s most popular nitrogen fertiliser.

Urea can be applied on its own, or in blends with products such as DAP and Muriate of Potash.
It can be applied pre-plant, or in side and top-dressing programs. There are limits to how much urea can be safely applied at planting without harming germinating seeds or young seedlings.

Urea is soluble. It can be applied in fertigation programs and as foliar sprays. Urea is also used a non-protein nitrogen supplement for ruminants, e.g. sheep and cattle. Urea allows ruminants to make better use of low protein roughages, e.g. dry grass, during dry weather  and the onset of drought.