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Laucke Mills – Katz Korner (10kg)

Laucke Mills

Kat’z Korner is an ideal blend of moisture and odour absorbent ingredients producing an effective and economical cat litter.


Kat’z Korner’s granular texture reduces tracking, clumps together for easy removal from the little tray and absorbs unpleasant odours.

To Ensure the Best Results

Place approximately 5cm of Kat’z Korner in a cat litter tray.
Gently shake the tray so the fine parts of the litter go below the surface. This will reduce tracking and also aid in trapping moisture beneath the surface.

Litter Box Location

Put the litter tray in an easily accessible location away from noisy, high traffic areas. Dogs and young children should be kept away from this area.

Clean Regularly

Scoop out soiled material on a regular basis. Wash the litter tray when replacing with fresh litter.

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