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Minrosa Salt Roll with Rope (3-4kg)



Minrosa Himalayan Horse Salt Lick is the no-mess, no-measure alternative to provide your horse with the highest quality, free choice salt to supplement their feed and forage.


Containing 84 minerals and trace elements — the highest of any Horse Salt Lick in Australia — our 100% all natural sea mineral Salt Licks are refined from ancient, unpolluted sea water deposits

  • A superior choice to common salt, which contains only sodium and chloride
  • A gentler alternative to man-made salt blocks, suitable for soft horse tongues
  • Natural crystalline mineral salts for improved digestion, absorption and metabolism
  • Easy addition to your horse’s feed

While most horses require around two teaspoons of salt per day, your horse’s individual need for salt will often fluctuate, depending on factors such as diet, level of activity and time of year.

Your horse has a remarkable ability to seek out and regulate their salt intake — and our Himalayan Horse Salt Licks enable your horse to easily consume additional salt in their paddock or stall.

One of the most important minerals in your horse’s diet, salt is essential for hydration and countless functions within the body, including:

  • Healthy weight
  • Hormone balance
  • Transmission of glucose
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Hoof and coat health
  • Body pH balance
  • Optimum nerve and musculoskeletal function

While feed and forage contain varying amounts of salt, diet alone is usually insufficient to meet a horse’s daily requirement.

Most horse feeds contain only 0.5-1.0% salt and pasture soils throughout Australia are often low in sodium — providing horses with only half the recommended daily intake.

Supplementation of Salt Licks provides your horse with unlimited access to mineral-rich salt in a convenient, unbreakable block.