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Relax Nutrition – Super Fibre Complete (20kg)

Relax Nutrition


Introducing Relax Super Fibre Complete: The Complete Feed Solution (Low Sugar, Low Starch)

Relax Nutrition has formulated this complete feed to cover your horse’s daily nutritional needs in one complete ration.

Relax Super Fibre Complete is fortified with both chelated and non chelated minerals at optimal levels and ratios to maximise absorption and support superior nutritional requirements.

Digestive health is maximised through this high fibre (35%), low sugar and starch (NSC 5%) pellet supported with Natural Prebiotics and encapsulated live Probiotics.

This highly palatable feed is manufactured in Feedsafe Accredited facilities ensuring the highest of quality and control, and the same raw materials used year round.

You will never be left short of your daily nutritional requirements when incorporating the Relax Nutrition range.

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Superior Amino Acid Profile

With its superior amino acid profile, Relax Super Fibre Complete helps support muscle growth and recovery, making it an ideal choice for animals in training or competition.

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Typical Feeding Rate for 500kg Horse

Paddock / Spelling:                 500g to 1kg

Light Work:                                   750g to 1.25kg

Medium Work:                             1kg to 1.5kg

Heavy Work / Performance:  1.5kg to 2kg

Feeding rates per day are a GUIDE only, please consult an Equine Nutritionist for your individual needs. 

Adjust to your horse’s individual requirements, feed in conjunction with quality roughage and ensure clean, fresh water is available.

Always introduce new feeds slowly, to avoid digestive upsets (14 to 21 days transition period).

FREE from restricted animal material.

We recommend soaking Relax Super Fibre Complete for horses that suffer from choke.

Soak for up to 10 minutes in a ratio of 1 part Super Fibre Complete to 2 parts of water.

Typical Ingredients 

Lupin Hulls, Traces of Lupin Kernel, Relax Vitamin & Mineral (Chelated & Non-Chelated), Probiotics.