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Sheep & Cattle Boost (20kg)

Castlereagh Feeds


Sheep & Cattle Boost (20kg)



Sheep & Cattle Boost


A complete feed when fed with high quality roughage, it delivers all the energy and protein required for exceptional weight gain.

When finishing sheep & cattle, feed accounts for 70% to 80% of the cost of feedlot finishing, this is why we developed SHEEP & CATTLE BOOST, quality of feed and real economy were our two main goals.

All natural pellets delivering a healthy balanced diet to your sheep or cattle.
Formulated for real economy
High in protein – rich in readily available energy
Fortified with Castlereagh Premium vitamin & mineral premix.
Processing is minimal to help every grain hold its natural goodness that can be lost through over processing, cooking or extruding. Our gentle steam pelleting process locks in the natural nutrition for easier digestion and absorption.

Ingredients: Steam rolled barley, cracked corn, lupins, bran, pollard, molafos gold (molasses), calcium magnesium carbonate (dolomite), salt and Castlereagh Premium Vitamin & Mineral premix.

Vegetatian – contains no restricted animal material. No growth hormones, antibiotics or urea. Our feeds will not harm your cattle or other livestock.