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Vetafarm – Neocare (450g)


Neocare is Vetafarm’s most advanced hand-rearing formula. It was formulated by Avian Veterinarians to provide optimal nutrition, growth and development for all species of baby birds.



Neocare is the culmination of 40 years veterinary and nutritionist experience, resulting in unmatched baby bird growth and development. The formula contains fresh non GMO ingredients, balanced vitamin mineral and amino acid profiles along with probiotics and enzymes to kick start the infant digestive and immune systems. With excellent mixing properties, rapidly digestible nutrition and veterinary backing, there is simply no better way to start the life of baby bird than with Neocare.

This product contains fresh Australian ingredients and is fortified with all necessary vitamins, minerals, calcium and amino acids for growing bones, organ function and strong feather development.

Neocare contains both pobiotics to promote healthy gut flora and pre-digestives to increase gut efficiency and ensure maximum nutrient absorption.

The extrusion process is used to create Neocare for safety and increased digestibility.

For more information and specifications about this product, please visit the product website:

Vetafarm – Neocare (450g) website