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Virbac – Firstmectin (5L)


For treatment and control of abamectin sensitive strains of internal parasites (including benzimidazole, levamisole, and morantel resistant strains), nasal bot and itch mite of sheep and lambs. For treatment and control of tapeworms and as an aid in controlling selenium deficiencies in sheep and lambs.



  • A combination oral drench for sheep and lambs
  • Contains abamectin
  • Contains praziquantel
  • Broad spectrum parasite control, including tapeworms
  • Contains selenium
  • Ideal for lambs


Control of roundworms and tapeworm concurrently.


  • Contains abamectin in combination with praziquantelAbamectin is a potent, short acting member of the macrocyclic lactone (ML) family of drenches. Praziquantel is the only chemical that controls both segments and heads of tapeworm. It makes sense to remove tapeworms to reduce the overall worm burden of your lambs, giving them the best opportunity to achieve peak performance.
  • Broad spectrum parasite controlFIRSTMECTIN SE is highly effective against abamectin sensitive gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworm, nasal bot and itch mite. It also provides control of tapeworms (heads and segments).
  • Ideal for lambsFor a young lamb, life is a risky business. They’re vulnerable to cold, predators and worms. As soon as they start to eat pasture, they are developing a worm burden. Unlike older sheep, lambs have not built up their immunity against worms. Worm infections lead to reduced wool production and lower bodyweights in sheep of any age; a high worm burden will have a far bigger impact on young sheep.
  • Contains seleniumSelenium deficiencies can increase the effect a worm burden can have on animals through suppressing their immune systems. Other problems associated with selenium deficiency are ill thrift, infertility, reduced production (milk, wool and meat), scouring and ‘white muscle’ disease.


  • Abamectin 0.8g/L
  • Praziquantel 15g/L
  • Selenium 0.4g/L


FIRSTMECTIN SE is given orally at the recommended dose rate of 1mL/4kg bodyweight in sheep.

Bodyweight Dose Volume Sheep Treated
(kg) (mL) 1L 5L 10L
11-16 4 250 1250 2500
17-20 5 200 1000 2000
21-30 7.5 133 666 1333
31-40 10 100 500 1000
41-50 12.5 80 400 800
51-60 15 66 333 666
61-70 17.5 57 285 571
71-80 20 50 250 500

Animals in excess of 80kg bodyweight dosed at 1mL/4kg.


  • Meat: 14 days
  • Milk: When milk or milk by-products are to be used for human consumption DO NOT ADMINISTER to dairy sheep within 28 days prior to lambing or during lactation
  • ESI: 28 days


Store below 30°C (room temperature) in original container.

For more information and specifications about this product, please visit the product website:

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