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ProviCo Rural – Vitafarm – Premium (Blue) Calf Milk Replacer (20kg)

ProviCo Rural

Vitafarm – Premium (Blue) Calf Milk Replacer (20kg)


Vitafarm® Premium Calf Milk Replacer is a scientifically perfected balance of superior quality full cream and skim milk powders. Formulated and boosted with essential vitamins and minerals for premium growth and fortified with Bovatec, organic acids and Safmannan® to enhance rumen development and increase weight gain of your calf.

Vitafarm Premium Calf Milk Replacer delivers highly palatable ingredients, providing consistency, improved immunity, optimum health and balanced nutrition for your animals.

For superior weight gain and a Vital start to Life, Vitafarm Premium is a companion to your herd.

Prime Benefits of Vitafarm Premium Calf Milk Replacer:

SUPERIOR QUALITY MILK POWDERS – Provides a rich source of protein and energy, for immunity development and better growth rates.

BOVATEC® – Added for the control of bovine coccidiosis, whilst assisting in the improvement of feed efficiency and liveweight gain.

SAFMANNAN® – Gastrointestinal health and integrity are essential for animal performance. Safmannan, a prebiotic-type product ‘feeds the GI tract’ and so plays a critical role in animal nutrition and production. Contains exposed and activated beta-glucans to assist in boosting the animal’s natural self-defence system and performance.

HIGH PERFORMANCE VITAMIN & MINERAL MIX – Fortified with essential vitamins and organic minerals plus antioxidants to accelerate growth and maintain good health.

ORGANIC ACIDS – These acids along with their antimicrobial properties are added to assist in the control of gut pathogens.

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