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VSF – Pullet & Duck Grower MP (18kg) Buy 3+ @21.95/Bag

Vella Stock Feeds


Bulk-Buy: 3 or more @ $21.95/each 

Pullet & Duck Grower has been formulated to suit all breeds of pullets from 5-6 weeks to point of lay (18-20 weeks of age).

This feed contains a natural herbal coccidiostat.

This is a complete feed and no other supplement is required.

  • 3mm macro pelleted diet suitable for both Layer Pullets & Ducklings form 5-6 weeks of age until 18-20 weeks of age.
  • Higher Niacin (60 mg/kg) to support Ducks
  • Contains a natural herbal Coccidiostat with no withholding period for both meat & eggs, safe for Ducklings and Ducks

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VSF – Pullet & Duck Grower MP (18kg) Buy 3+ @21.95/Bag website