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Wild Acres – Cracked Lupins (20kg)

Wild Acres


Wild Acres – Cracked Lupins (20kg)


Wild Acres cracked sweet Lupins are fresh, clean nutritious. We have removed the many of the loose shells, so you get absolute value for money. Relatively new to the horse feed market Lupins are an excellent source of protein and fats, due to their lower starch content and high fibre they are efficiently digested in the hindgut through fermentation.

Considered a legume lupins have a hard exterior and require soaking, rolling, crushing or grinding before being fed to maximise the nutritional benefits and make feeding safe for your equine friend. Lupins are particularly suitable for horses with a low tolerance for starch rich grains such as oats or corn, and horses with a pre-disposition to ‘tying-up or laminitis’ will very likely benefit from the inclusion of lupins in their diet.

Min Protein 28%, Fibre 12%, DE (Mj/kg) 14

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