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Wobble Tee Clever Drop Sprinkler

Wobble Tee


If you like your Wobble-Tee you will love the Clever Drop


The Clever Drop Sprinkler is flat packed to protect the moving parts during distribution. To get started, simply cut the cable ties, gently flex the base and rotate the sprinkler to upright position and ensure the teeth are correctly engaged as you release the base.

Adjustable Angle Base

The upright operating position can be adjusted for use on uneven surfaces, such as tiered gardens. Gently flex the side skids of the sprinkler base downward and rotate the centre turret to the desired position, then ensure the teeth are correctly engaged as you release the sled base.

Purpose Shaped Base

Purpose Shaped BasePurpose Shaped BaseUse for roof cooling on sheds and bird aviaries.

For a temporary application just run the hose over the roof peak and the sprinkler sits vertically on the corrugated iron.

For permanent installation run the sprinklers and hose across the corrugated iron securing the sprinkler through the holes provided using the existing roofing tek screws. Use 20mm metal pipe saddles to hold the hoses in place using the existing roof screws.