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WSD Spurt – Off-Shears Pour On Sheep Lice Control (1L)



WSD SPURT is a treatment for body lice of sheep.


WSD SPURT is a pour-on formulation for topical use containing 25g/L cypermethrin- a synthetic pyrethroid insecticideand a scourable dye.

Sheep and Lambs:
Control of biting lice (Bovicola ovis) in sheep off-shears
Milking Sheep: Do NOT use in sheep producing milk for human consumption


Dosage:  Always refer to the label. Applied at a dose rate of 1ml/5Kg body weight. The correct dose for the weight range of sheep should be applied as a single continuous strip 20-40cm in length down the middle of the back within 24 hours of shearing. It is recommended that treated sheep be held together in the yards for 2 hours after treatments and not be let straight out of the race into the paddock.