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WSD – Trough Blox (200g)



For the Control of Algae and Slime in Stock Troughs


WSD TROUGH BLOX is a treatment for troughs to control algal growth and to provide a copper supplement to livestock.

Type of Preparation
WSD TROUGH BLOXS contains 63g/Kg copper in a slowly soluble block for use in stock water troughs.

To control algal growth in plastic and concrete troughs.
Milking sheep, dairy cattle & dairy goats: Suitable for use in the water supplies of animals producing milk for human consumption.

Always refer to the label. One 200g block is sufficient for 7000 litre capacity trough for 30 days. One 2kg block will treat 70,000 litres for 30 days.

Advice On Use
• WSD TROUGH BLOX are safe to use with most livestock water supplies.
• Do not use in steel tanks or troughs.
• Do not overdose water supplies when using this product.
• WSD TROUGH BLOX should not be used in human drinking water.
• Do not use in areas or districts where high copper levels are known to occur or where there is a risk of chronic copper toxicity.
• Care should be exercised with livestock fed a ration supplemented with copper or if copper bullets have been administered.
• For troughs of less than 7000 litre capacity, each 200g block should be divided into the proportion appropriate to the volume of the trough.