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Mamre Hay

Stock Feed

  • 2nd Grade Lucerne Bales
  • Grassy Lucerne Round Bales
  • Grassy Lucerne Small Square Bales
  • Grassy Round Bales
  • Hunter Valley Lucerne Bales
  • Lucerne Bale – 8x4x3 (600kg)
  • Lucerne Round Bales
  • Oaten Hay Bales
  • Oaten Round Bales – Large 5×4
  • Oaten Round Bales (4×4)
  • Pasture Hay Bales
  • Straw Hay Bales
  • Teff Hay Bales (Certified)
  • Victorian Oaten Square Bales – 8x4x3 (610kg)
  • Victorian Pasture Hay Compressed Bales
  • Victorian Prime Compressed Lucerne Bales
  • Victorian Prime Lucerne Bales

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Oxley Feed Mill

  • Wheaten Chaff (25kg)
  • Oaten Chaff (25kg)
  • Lucerne Chaff (25kg)
  • Mix (Lucerne / Oaten) Chaff (25kg)

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Chicken Feed

  • 3 Grain Scratch (20kg)
  • Champion Layer (20kg)
  • Darling Downs Layer (20kg)
  • Everyday Layer Mash (20kg)
  • Golden Yolk Layer (20kg)
  • Pullet Grower (20kg)
  • Top Layer (20kg)
  • Turkey & Chicken Grower (20kg)
  • Turkey & Chicken Starter (20kg)

Rabbit Food

  • Rabbit Pellets (20kg)

Stock Feed

  • Calf Rearer Pellet (20kg)
  • Calm Performer (20kg)
  • Complete Performer (20kg)
  • Equibix (20kg)
  • Low GI Cube (20kg)
  • Senior (20kg)
  • Speedi-Beet (20kg)
  • Supreme (20kg)

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Animal Health

  • Rebalance Horse Block (20kg)

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Stock Feed


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Animal Health

  • AllCare (6kg)

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Stock Feed


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Animal Health

  • Polished (5kg)

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Horse Feed

  • CopRice Calf Starter (20kg)
  • CopRice Cool Conditioner (20kg)
  • CopRice High Joule (20kg)
  • CopRice – M (Maximum Performance) (20kg)
  • CopRice Rice Bran (20kg)
  • CopRice Versatile (20kg)

Dog Food

  • CopRice Family Dog Food (20kg)
  • CopRice Working Dog – Adult Beef (20kg)
  • CopRice Working Dog – Adult Chicken (20kg)
  • CopRice Super Value Drover (20kg)

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Energreen Nutrition

  • Maxisoy (20kg)

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Fiber Fresh

  • Fiber Protect (20kg)

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Omega Feeds


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Stance Equitec

  • Copra Meal (Cool Stance) (20kg)

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  • Golden Oldies (20kg)

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Johnson's Natural Formula

  • Johnson’s Horse & Pony (20kg)

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D&G Produce


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Castlereagh Feeds

  • Cracked Lupins (25kg)
  • Molasses Bucket (13L)
  • Rabbit Pro – Rabbit & Guinea Pig Pellets (20kg)
  • Show Horse and Pony Grain Mix (25kg)
  • Steam Rolled Barley (25kg)

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CEN Nutrition

Stock Feed

  • CEN Complete Grain Free 5 in 1 Feed (20kg)

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Animal Health

  • CEN CF50 – Grain Free Vitamin & Mineral Pellets (7kg)
  • CEN Gold (1.5kg)
  • CEN Gold (5kg)
  • CEN Oil (10L)
  • CEN Oil (4.5L)
  • CEN Xtra Balance (1.2kg)
  • CEN Xtra Balance (5kg)

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  • Avione Millet Sprays (1kg)
  • Avione Millet Sprays Mixed (400g)

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JM Produce

  • JM Pigeon Breed Mix Dunn Peas (25kg)
  • JM Pigeon Race Mix (25kg)
  • JM Pigeon Race Mix (Pop Corn) (25kg)
  • JM Pigeon Stock Mix (25kg)
  • JM Pigeon Stock Mix (Pop Corn) (25kg)
  • JM Dunn Peas (25kg)

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Laucke Mills

  • Red Hen 17 Premium Layer (20kg)
  • Red Hen Chicken (20kg)
  • Red Hen Free Range Layer (20kg)
  • Red Hen Free Range Scratch (20kg)
  • Red Hen Layer (20kg)
  • Red Hen Pullet (20kg)
  • Red Hen Showbird Breeder MP (20kg)
  • Pigeon Race & Breed MP (20kg)
  • Alpaca Blend (20kg)
  • Goat Blend (20kg)
  • Stock Nuts (20kg)
  • Sheep Nuts (20kg)
  • Uncle Alber’s Dog Food – Value Pack (22kg)

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Vella Stockfeeds


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  • Mixed Rural Pack – Wet Cat Food (24 Cans x 400g)

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  • Black Hawk Chicken & Rice Adult Dog 20kg
  • Black Hawk Fish & Potato Adult Dog 20kg
  • Black Hawk Lamb & Rice Adult Dog 20kg
  • Black Hawk Chicken & Rice Puppy Dog 20kg
  • Black Hawk Lamb & Rice Puppy Dog 20kg

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  • Supercoat Puppy Chicken (3kg)
  • Supercoat Puppy Chicken (20kg)
  • Supercoat Adult Beef (20kg)
  • Supercoat Adult Chicken (3kg)
  • Supercoat Adult Chicken (20kg)
  • Supercoat Adult Dog Active (3kg)
  • Supercoat Adult Dog Active (18kg)
  • Supercoat Sensitive (15kg)

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  • Bonnie Adult Complete (20kg)
  • Bonnie Lite (20kg)
  • Bonnie Puppy (20kg)
  • Bonnie Working Dog (20kg)

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  • Cobber Working Dog (20kg)

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Stockman & Paddock

  • High Performance Working Dog (20kg)

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  • Meaty Bites Working Dog with Real Beef (20kg)
  • Dog Food Loaf with 5 Kinds of Meat (1.2kg x 12 Cans)

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  • Beef Bone (Each)
  • Beef Jerky (100g)
  • Beef Jerky Straps (150g)
  • Beef Liver (150g)
  • Beef Liver (500g)
  • Bigga Biscuit (1kg)
  • Bigga Biscuit (10kg Box)
  • Bully Sticks (5 Pack)
  • Cannabics Biscuit (500g)
  • Charcoal Biscuit (1kg)
  • Charcoal Biscuits (5kg Box)
  • Cheese Biscuit (1kg)
  • Chicken Breast Fillet (120g)
  • Chicken Jerky Straps (150g)
  • Chicken Skewers (10 Pack)
  • Chicken Sticks (6 Pack)
  • Double Cheese N Bacon Biscuits (5kg Box)
  • Duck Jerky (120g)
  • Glucosabics (1kg)
  • Multi Mix Biscuit (1kg)
  • Multi Mix Biscuits (5kg Box)
  • Pig Ear Strips (70g)
  • Pig Ears (5 Pack)
  • Pig Ears (Each)
  • Pork Twists (4 Pack)
  • Puppy Cloud (Each)
  • Roo Jerky Straps (150g)
  • Roo Sticks (6 Pack)

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Country Park

  • Autumn Blend (1.25kg)
  • Chastetree Berry Powder (1kg)
  • Chia Seeds Black (1kkg)
  • Chia Seeds Black (5kg)
  • Garlic Granules (1kg)
  • Rosehip Granules (1kg)
  • Tumeric Organic Powder (1kg)

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Equine Pure

  • Apple & Cinnamon with Molasses & Chia (500g)
  • Carrot & Mint with Tumeric & Chia (500g)
  • Peppermint & Spinach with Parsley & Chia (500g)

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Joseph Lyddy


  • Licorice Treats (250g)

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Animal Health

  • Black-It – Fast Drying Enamel (250ml)

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Saddlery Products

  • Dubbin – Neutral (125g)
  • Saddle Soap (125g)

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Independents Own


  • Milktech Lamb Milk Replacer (16kg)
  • Milktech Silver (20kg)

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Animal Health

  • Antiseptic Iodine Spray (500ml)
  • Calcium Carbonate (1kg)
  • Coarse Salt (25kg)
  • Electrolyte Powder (2kg)
  • Epsom Salts (5kg)
  • Magnesium & Vitamin E Powder (1kg)
  • Mectec Pour On Drench (1L)
  • Mectec Pour On Drench (2.5L)
  • Mectec Pour On Drench (5L)
  • Psyllium Husks 95% (900g)
  • Stockholm Tar (1L)

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Pet Accessories

  • Large Plastic Kennel
  • Medium Plastic Kennel
  • Small Plastic Kennel

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  • Equine Bedding (15kg)

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Superior Wood Shavings

  • Superior Wood Shavings (14kg)

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